10 of the Best Hikes Near Chilliwack, BC


The popularity of Chilliwack’s wide-open spaces has exploded over the past few years. The mountain peaks and trails that rise from the city’s farm fields on the valley below beckon hikers to explore deep into the temperate rainforest and climb slopes that will reward with stunning valley views and a desire to reconnect with this wild natural playground.

Venture farther and get to know the fantastic hiking trails and peaks of Chilliwack.


Chilliwack Community Forest Canyon Loop

Length: 4.2 km

Elevation gain: 216 m

This family-friendly loop trail runs through a beautiful temperate rainforest area. Kids will enjoy looking for slugs, mushrooms and forest insects as they walk the easy distance. There are great birding opportunities in the lush canopy for owls, hawks and smaller birds. This trail is shared with runners and mountain bikers, so be mindful of surroundings and any oncoming riders.

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Lindeman Lake, Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park

Length: 3.4 km

Elevation gain: 300 m

This gorgeous trail is a favourite for hikers visiting this popular provincial park. Go early in the morning as the trail gets busier throughout the day. While it’s not a great distance, the hike has some tricky sections and boulders to navigate. You’ll likely work up a sweat! Reaching the cool turquoise waters of stunning Lindeman Lake is a hiker’s best reward, so if you’re hiking on a warm day, pack a swimsuit.

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Elk Mountain

Length: 7 km

Elevation gain: 800 m

A stunner of a hike with a serious climb that opens to some fabulous views. Pack snacks and lots of water for this steep forested path. The trail leads past lookout points between the trees and wildflowers in season, emerging at an open viewpoint of Cultus Lake and the surrounding region. Take in the valley’s agricultural grid as you summit the mountain, then plan a leisurely pace back down the slope.

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Chilliwack Canyon to Coast

Length: 23.7 km

Elevation gain: Minimal

This long but easy out-and-back trail features a lovely Fraser River setting and summer wildflower display. With a level pathway that travels past farm fields, this hike is excellent for all skill levels. This trail is also used for biking, so be sure to respect other users when enjoying the trail.

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Mount Cheam

Length: 9.5 km

Elevation gain: 700 m

Get ready for stunning views as you hike above the clouds on your way up Mount Cheam in the Fraser Valley. You’ll be rewarded with a new perspective of snow-capped Mount Baker, panoramic views of Lady Peak and rolling fields of delicate wildflowers in the summer. Be mindful of some steep drops at the top. Follow Google maps to the small parking lot located along Chilliwack Lake Road. It’s a rough and bumpy ride; a four-wheel drive vehicle is required to get to the trailhead.

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Teapot Hill

Length: 5 km

Elevation gain: 250 m

This short but satisfying hike near Cultus Lake covers a family-friendly distance through a moss-covered forest. Kids of all ages will enjoy the scavenger hunt for the trail’s namesake teapots that have been placed along the path. There is one short, steep hill and a decent view of the lake.

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Seven Sisters Trail

Length: 3.2 km

Elevation gain: Minimal

Like the Teapot Hill trail, this easy and level family-friendly out-and-back trail is in the Cultus Lake area. Its length and small elevation gain make it perfect for wee ones or those seeking a short walk in the forest. The hiking trail winds through an impressive old grove of towering Douglas Fir trees.

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Mount Thom via Thom Creek Trail

Length: 6.4 km

Elevation gain: 448 m

This moderately challenging out-and-back day hike offers fabulous views of the Fraser Valley and surrounding Coast Mountains. The tree-lined trail is well-signed and maintained and climbs away from a residential community on the valley floor to switchback up the mountain. The outstanding views of Chilliwack and the Fraser River valley make the steep hike worth every step.

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Mount Slesse Memorial Trail

Length: 15 km

Elevation gain: 1,021 m

This challenging trail was named to commemorate the Trans-Canada Airlines Flight 810 that crashed on route from Vancouver to Calgary in 1956. There is a memorial plaque eight kilometres in on the trail, and the Propellor Cairn at 12 kilometres. The hike’s steep climb leads to rewarding views of Mount Slesse and the Coast Mountain range.

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Vedder Mountain Ridge Trail

Length: 9 km

Elevation gain: 377 m

This out-and-back trail winds its way up and down along a well-maintained forest path. There’s a lagoon with water lilies in season, and the Yarrow Lookout is a great pit stop location. The trail’s short steep section is affixed with guide ropes to help with the ascent up to beautiful views of Chilliwack and the expansive Fraser Valley.

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